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IT Staff Augmentation

Assemble an effective in-house team with Perpetio’s IT staff
augmentation services.


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UI/UX <span>designers</span>

UI/UX designers

Mobile app <span>developers</span>

Mobile app developers

<span>QA</span> specialists

QA specialists

Expand your tech expertise with Perpetio’s IT staff
augmentation services

Partner up with a reliable IT staff augmentation company to bring extra technical and business expertise to your in-house team.

Team expansion

Dedicated team

Vendor transition

Unite the top experts under one roof by getting IT staffing
augmentation services

Having a hard time finding a suitable team for your project? Organize it yourself with an IT
staff augmentation service from Perpetio. Our specialists are ready to join your company
and make their contribution to the team’s success.

Build a team from

Source technical experts from an IT staff augmentation agency to jumpstart your project.

Enhance your team with
new members

Add outsourced specialists to your existing team to get all-around expertise.

Work with individual

Hire a dedicated specialist to design, develop, or test your product.

Get technical and
business consulting

Consult a professional to make informed decisions for your business.

Collaborate with a staff augmentation company to get top-notch results from the in-house development

English-speaking specialists

Every technical and non-technical specialist in Perpetio speaks English and can communicate with clients at a fluent level.

No-middle-man collaboration

While we offer project management services, you can always contact developers directly to discuss the project and track progress.

Adjust the process as you need

Collaborating with an IT staff augmentation firm means that you get to decide on the team composition, deadlines, and work scope.

Zero organizational hassle

Perpetio will take care of all the legal and HR activities, like work contracts, so both you and the specialists can fully focus on the project.

Choose your own team

Be it a UI/UX designer or a whole development team, you decide on how many people you need and which specialists seem like the best fit.

Smooth hiring process

We want you to start the project as soon as possible. That’s why Perpetio has a well-established candidate selection and hiring process.

Industries and app types we are experienced in

Supporting our client’s business digitalization as well as creating new
competitive products in various domains.

Business models

Social Networks




Audio/Video-Based Apps

Location-Based Apps

IoT Apps

AR/VR-Based Apps

Wearable Apps



Wellness & Fitness








Food & Drink



Choose a collaboration style that fits your business model

Time & Materials

Hire specialists on an hourly basis and have full control over their workload. Add new tasks as the project moves forward and get
invoices regularly.

Fixed price

If you need a project done from A to Z and don’t have time for reporting, go with the fixed price model. Pay for the work done
based on the scope estimation.

It doesn’t start and end with development — strengthen your team at every project stage

We at Perpetio have created dozens of apps and know how to avoid bumps in the road. Our team augmentation service includes business development consulting, UI/UX design, development, testing, and release support. Perpetio’s experts can engage with your company at any point of the project work, be it creating an app from scratch or picking up where the in-house team finished.

Apps Reached Top 100
in App Store

Apps Reached Top 100
in Google Play


Custom mobile apps


Downloads from App Store
and Google Play

Partners about us

Abhishek Shan,
Founder, Zym
I want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who have contributed to this project. It has been great working with you, and I appreciate the diligence, responsiveness and commitment I want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who have contributed to this project. It has been great working with you, and I appreciate the diligence, responsiveness
Vu Tran,
Founder, Color Dating app
The engineers from Perpetio can produce quality code with minimal supervision and within a short timeframe. They exel at project management, which allows them to adapt to changing requirements.
CEO, Gravitus
Everything is going great! IOS team has really hit their stride on the project and is probably our fastest and best IOS team. We are lucky to have both engineers helping out.

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What are staff augmentation services?

Staff augmentation services allow clients to enhance their in-house teams with external specialists in collaboration with an outsourcing development company.

How does the staff augmentation process work?

A client chooses a suitable IT staff augmentation provider, discusses the terms, chooses the specialists to join the in-house team based on their experience, and starts collaborating with them on an hourly or monthly basis.