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The BURN app makes it easy to stay on track using an electronic workout calendar, so you’ll never skip leg day again.

New and exclusive workouts are added every week, offering tons of various exercises to keep everyone fit and healthy!


The Client

Rebecca Louise

Rebecca, along with her community, is leading the way in fitness and health with over 350 million views on her Youtube workout videos


  • Period: 8 months.
  • Client location: US.
  • Business model: Dedicated team.











UX Design, UI Design, Branding, iOS App Development, Android App Development, Clover POS App Development and Web-Based Admin Portal Development

The Problem

The main business challenge for BURN was sharing text, graphics and video content among their community members using social media, website and apps. To go a step further, Rebecca wanted her users to be able to access the content offline. Her request was extremely important for the business and became popular among users.

The Solution

The work began with redesigning existing websites and creating a UI/UX for mobile apps. On the development stage, we implemented the features Rebecca had previously in the first version, combining them with the new design and adding a brand new feature - offline videos. As a bonus, we improved brand awareness by creating a unique design for BURN’s digital products (websites, apps, social media content, etc).


Creating wireframes was crucial and saved on time:
These designs were more accurate and clear to the development team, allowing easier content creation and management. We avoided many UI bugs, issues in the development process and requests for change from our client.


Fitness calendar

With the BURN calendar, users have access to daily workouts, recipes and motivation tips. The workout player can stream videos to various devices (TV, laptop, etc), which makes it super convenient. Also, the “favorite workout feature” is handy for users who want to save their favorite workouts and even access them offline. To add a customized feature, the daily recipe option can plan and monitor individual nutrition, which is an important part of getting the results users want. The BURN calendar ensures you complete workouts, see the progress you’re making, and keeps you on track.



Get rewarded with cash by eating healthy and burning calories! All you have to do is register and start training to receive points, which you can then use in the BURN shop. This unique opportunity offers a variety of tasks that keep users engaged and excited about getting fit. You can feel even more challenged by using the Monthly Leaderboard - a way to get to the top, achieve bonus points, and receive prizes!


Recipes & Shopping List

The BURN app houses all the necessary info you need to stay healthy and fit with updates every month! The recipes tab contains a ton of useful information on how to build accurate nutrition, which is 80% of getting the result you want. It also includes a shopping list to make meal planning convenient and easy. You can even save your favorite recipes into a separate folder, so they will always be on hand. With the BURN app, you can access everything in one place to easily make changes in your nutrition and achieve top results.


The Result

BURN houses all the necessary info you need to stay healthy and fit every day. Helpful content, a convenient video player, tasty recipes - you’ll find it all in one place. By using the BURN points system inside the application, you can stay motivated and engaged while training, completing goals and reaching the top of the Leaderbord! We are proud to say we completed every challenge!

Feel free to check out the results yourself:


Collaboration in numbers

  • Team size:
  • 8 people
  • Period:
  • 8 months
  • Client location:
  • US
  • Social login:
  • Facebook
  • Analytics
  • Firebase, Fabric
  • Payment services:
  • Shopify
  • In-app purchases:
  • Subscription, web – stripe
  • Crash reporting tools:
  • Crashlytics
  • Offline mode library/API:
  • Offline video/CDN
  • Languages:
  • Swift, Java
  • IDE:
  • Android Studio, Xcode
  • Libraries:
  • Butterknife, retrofit, gson, exoplayer, firebase, glide
  • Infractructure:
  • Wordpress, Shopify, SpringBoot, Tomcat, mySQL, BunnyCDN