Environmental & Sustainability Policy | Perpetio

Environmental & Sustainability Policy

Last updated: October 2023


Perpetio OÜ (hereinafter "the Company", "we" or "our") is committed to protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development through action. Our Environmental & Sustainability Policy (the "Policy") is to ensure, as far as possible, that all operations are conducted with a commitment to reduce waste and promote sustainable development, thereby protecting the environment and reducing our impact on it. All team members are obliged to perform their duties with care for the environment. In the event of any environmental incident related to our work, we require that details are promptly and appropriately reported to the CEO, who will investigate and take immediate action to remedy any damage and avoid recurrence. All vendors working on behalf of the Company are required to comply with environmental standards that are fully consistent with the Company's standards.


In accordance with the Policy, we have developed the following set of purposes as a sound basis for implementing practices that are designed to implement the Policy in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and codes of practice, including our moral and contractual obligations on the issues identified in the Policy. We set the following purposes: (1) to sort and transport as much paper, cardboard, plastic, and metal waste generated in the office for recycling; (2) to reduce paper usage by increasing reliance on email and electronic documentation; (3) to decrease energy consumption by monitoring energy usage and educating staff on basic household management practices; (4) to minimize vehicle emissions by planning routes to reduce mileage and encouraging our employees and colleagues to use public transportation; (5) swift response to accidents or incidents that have a potential to threaten the environment on projects involving our team; (6) to ensure that all staff are fully aware of our Policy and are committed to implementing and improving it; (7) to provide training for all staff, as appropriate, to enable them to carry out their job functions in a manner that shows care for the environment; (8) to carry out environmental audits when required; (9) to review, report on, and to continually strive to improve our sustainability performance; (10) in implementing this Policy, the Company will focus on action to conserve resources and energy, to minimise emissions into air or water and onto land and to increase recycling rates; (11) the Company will also seek to influence legislative developments and improve public understanding of environmental and sustainability matters concerning the business; (12) and others.


The CEO is responsible for reviewing, approving and achieving the objectives of this policy, and for designating a responsible person to investigate any reported violations of this policy. Managers are responsible for administering, communicating, implementing and enforcing this Policy on behalf of the CEO, and for reporting incidents that they believe to be in violation of this Policy and for acting in accordance with this Policy. All team members are responsible for complying with this Policy by reporting any potential activity that violates this Policy to the CEO.


Progress towards achieving the objectives of the Policy will be monitored through a number of means, including: (1) an annual management review of this Policy and any related environmental/sustainability procedures; (2) monitoring of the Policy objectives with their ongoing development. This Policy has been approved by the CEO of Perpetio OÜ, if you would like to receive further information regarding this Policy, please contact the CEO of Perpetio OÜ.