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Discover the dynamic of focused training on RABL. Experience personalized workouts with certified personal trainers, expert guidance, and a time-efficient 20-minute format. Embrace fitness on your terms and achieve your goals!

Discover the dynamic of focused training on RABL.


The Client

RABL is a startup offering one-to-one video workouts with certified trainers in a mobile app.








Period: 9 months.

Client location: US.

Business model: Time & Material.


iOS development, Backend development, Project management, QA

The Challenge

The App Store features many fitness apps, but there is a common problem of result inconsistency: many workouts on such apps are pre-recorded and not customized to individual needs; often enough, the trainers do not have the necessary qualifications. RABL reached out to Perpetio with the ambitious goal of creating a mobile app that would connect users for online one-to-one workouts with certified personal trainers only.

Perpetio’s task was to create a mobile app that would let users easily find personal trainers based on their preferences and experience requirements. Plus, RABL needed a convenient and reliable payment method that would allow users to pay after the session.

The Solution

Perpetio came up with a development flow that allowed setting up an effective feature set based on the client's UI/UX design.

Working on both iOS and backend development, our team implemented all the necessary features for this app type, including easy onboarding for users and trainers, video calling functionality, and training session scheduling.

As for a secure and practical in-app payment provider, our developers chose Stripe as it is easy to set up and maintain.

The Result

As a result of our work, the RABL iOS app delights users with P2P (peer-to-peer) private chats and video calls with trainers, plus an automated payment after a completed training session.

Users don’t have to bother with managing the payments or finding ways to communicate with their trainers. Everything for personalized, goal-oriented workouts with no distractions.

Live/Invisible mode

One unique feature RABL boasts is the immediate trainer availability for workouts or consultations here and now. In the mood for a workout? Find a certified trainer who can hop on a session with you right now.

Trainers can switch between Live and Invisible modes to indicate their availability. If the trainer is in the Live mode, a user can call without booking a session upfront. Trainers who selected an Invisible mode are only available for scheduled training sessions in advance.

Live training session

Users can filter available trainers based on their individual needs and preferences. After finding a perfect match, it’s possible to call the trainer right away and start a session through a video call. A user can simply pick a length of training sessions ( 20 or 60 minutes) and start a call with one tap.

Trainers scheduler

RABL is a handy app for trainers, too. Personal trainers can set up their individual weekly schedules and let the status change from Live to Invisible and vice versa automatically.

Schedule session

Whether it’s a spontaneous workout or an established training routine, RABL has everything ready and will offer a perfect match of a professional trainer.

With a well-organized and intuitive calendar, users can pick available time slots to schedule training sessions with a trainer they prefer in advance.


An active and healthy lifestyle isn’t limited to exercising. Users and trainers can chat in the app to discuss diet and daily activity recommendations, training strategies, or any other questions.

Technical Details

Team size:

4 people


9 months

Client location:



Meta events manager

Payment services:



iOS: Xcode
Backend: Visual Studio Code


Swift, Node.js


AWS, Docker, PostgreSQL

Additional technologies:

VOiP/Push Notifications