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Manage your commercial rental space with one tap.

Manage your commercial rental space with one tap.


The Client

Alterra Group builds, develops, and manages commercial and retail property for businesses of various sizes. This company takes away the hustle of finding a suitable commercial rental space, renovating it, and managing the utilities. Alterra Group takes care of everything and provides a ready-to-go space for opening new businesses, be it a warehouse or a shop. Over 300 companies are collaborating with Alterra Group.










Period: 12 months.

Client location: Ukraine.

Business model: Time & Material.


Flutter development, Backend development, QA, Project management

The Challenge

Alterra Group contacted Perpetio for a mobile app development project with a strict time restriction. The company needed a finished app by a certain deadline, so we started the work right away.

The UI/UX design wasn’t completed at the time we started our development process, so Perpetio’s development team had to find a balance between changing requirements and a tight schedule.

The app’s architecture was another challenge our team addressed. We had to create a product with all the necessary features for managing a commercial unit on both the renting company and client side. All the features had to be properly organized and accessible.

Additionally, this project required working with a set of third-party APIs as well as creating some from scratch.

The Solution

Perpetio presented the client with a cross-platform Flutter app and a web admin panel. The app runs seamlessly on iOS and Android, giving users of any smartphone the possibility to manage their commercial rentals with a few taps.

Despite the fact that the UI/UX design was still in the making, our development team proceeded with creating the app’s architecture and building all its main points. With such features as checking the parking lot availability, adding the utility meter readings data, and granting access to visitors, a rental unit manager and client can be in touch and solve any issues without long messages or constant calls.

The Result

Right after the testing by Perpetio’s quality assurance specialist, the app became available on its first commercial rental unit. The first users can view all the news about the unit right in the app. They can also leave renovation and fixing requests to the property manager and get their application processed online.

What’s more, users can check how many cars are parked on the lot and when the employees’ cars enter and exit the parking lot. This feature allows for better work schedule planning according to parking space availability.

Admins, such as rental company representatives, can access the web portal. The web admin panel is a hub for the rental company to review client requests, add information about the unit, check the utility meters’ readings, and more.

Granting access to the unit

Clients of the rented commercial space can create permanent or temporary access slips in the app. Users can check how many people can access the unit and what permission type they hold. What’s more, users can create separate access permissions for cars. This feature enhances the safety and efficiency of the space and helps business owners always be up to date with who can enter their unit.

Requests for the managing company

Businesses don’t need to rely on long messages, back-and-forward calls, and emails to fix a running tap or any other minor issue. Clients can make requests to the management in the app on anything from adding more outlets to setting up a recycling bin.

Rental unit news

Alterra Group’s clients don’t need to wonder why they’ve heard a drill sound or why one of the units next door is closed for renovation. The management shares all the important updates in the app so business owners and employees can prepare for any changes.

Technical Details

Team size:

5 people


12 months

Client location:


Programming languages:

Dart (Flutter framework), JavaScript

Social login:

Mobile number

Crash-reporting tools:



Visual Studio Code

Additional technologies:

Hikvision HikCentral integration


Backend: NestJS, Mongoose, passport-jwt

Frontend: React, vite, antd, dayjs, zustand