Making Wordle Game Mobile App With Flutter: Full Tutorial

Are you among people who are trying to guess a 5-letter word every day? What if we tell you that you can make your own Wordle mobile app? Here's a step-by-step Flutter tutorial.

2 years ago   •   18 min read

By Maksym Klimko
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Gaming takes up a large part of the mobile app market. We use applications not only for communication or making our lives easier but also to unwind a bit, isn’t that true? Statistics revealed our love for good play: games was the most popular App Store category in December 2021, outrunning business and lifestyle applications.

Today, we want to show you how to make an app game similar to Wordle. Trust us, it’s not as hard as you might think, especially thanks to Flutter. In fact, by following this Wordle clone tutorial step-by-step, you can recreate the Wordle game that is taking over our free time. You’ve probably at least once opened this addicting word-guessing website that made more than 2 million users wait for the morning to get a new five-letter mystery.

Why develop a mobile game

Before we get down to business and explore how to create a Wordle type app game, let’s discuss why rolling out a mobile game can be an excellent idea for both companies and developers.

When it comes to companies, there are two scenarios to follow:

  • A mobile game can be a great marketing strategy. Think about that: you are creating a highly addicting app, which your potential and current customers would download just to have some fun. While playing, they can learn more about your brand through storytelling or little hints here and there.

    The main advantage of such an idea is that you are being very discreet about advertising your brand and not offering any products or services directly. You are just letting people know a bit more about what your brand is all about. You can either create a stand-alone game app or introduce such a feature into the existing solution.
    For example, Gucci added an Arcade section to its branded app. Users can play several retro-style games, like Gucci Ace or Gucci Bee. Quite a good way to encourage users to spend a few more minutes (or hours) in the app, isn’t it?
  • Alternatively, a gaming app can be a separate business to start. If there is a game idea sitting in your head, why not give it a try? We all are craving new ways of entertainment. You can collaborate with a full-cycle mobile app development company and get your perfect gaming app. What’s really important is to consider a monetization model for your game if you want it to bring some profit. These might be in-app ads or a store. You can as well just sell the ready-made app to businesses through marketplaces like Sell My App.

As for the developers, creating a mobile game, let’s say building a Wordle game app, is a chance to master their skills and try new tools, like the Flame game engine in Flutter. Let’s be honest, a gaming app is way different from any other solution and might require new approaches. Trying to make an app game like Wordle is a cool way for mobile developers to challenge themselves and see if they are in shape. And add a few lines to their CVs, of course.

Why choose Flutter for game dev

We will be using Flutter SDK to create our own Wordle game app clone. It’s not the first time we are using Flutter in our tutorials, previously we have made a fitness application and a Clubhouse clone. There, we explained the benefits of Flutter for these app types. As for the gaming applications, it’s a great idea to use Flutter for:

  • Indie game development. While giving a large space for creativity and freedom for unusual decisions, independent game development comes with a set of restrictions in finances and human resources. Flutter is an incredibly accessible framework that allows you to target both iOS and Android platforms.

    What is more, you don’t have to invest in learning the Unity engine or finding specialists. Plus, apps made with Unity are multiplatform but large in size, so Flutter can be a better choice in some cases.
  • Start-ups. Similar to independent development, start-ups usually need to be quite aware of their spending and not go over the top. Once again, Flutter allows you to target two platforms at the same time and save budget while testing your game idea through an MVP.

How to make a Wordle game app clone with Flutter

Okay, so now, when we explained why we chose Flutter to create a game similar to Wordle, let’s discuss the very game and finally start the process. Original Wordle game is an in-browser one and there is no official mobile app for it. That’s why we decided to play around and demonstrate how to develop a Wordle game app.

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Wordle: why users love it

The official Wordle game is a puzzle first created by a software engineer for his partner. Later on, his relatives started playing, and now over 2 million people all over the world are fans of the game.

The point of Wordle is to guess a 5-letter word in six tries. Why did Wordle get so popular? First of all, it is really addictive. After one try it’s almost impossible to give up and not find out what the word was.

Secondly, a new word to guess appears every day, so a bit of FOMO can be there; waking up in the morning, you already know that a secret 5-letter word is waiting for you. After guessing the word of the day, there is nothing else for you — sorry, but you have to wait until tomorrow.

Finally, there are no ads or pop-ups in the interface. Nothing to distract you from the mystery of the word.

The original Wordle game look
The original Wordle game look

How to develop a Wordle game app

Now, there is only one important question left: how to make a Wordle? Time to get busy and start making our own Wordle app.

Here’s a little spoiler for you of what our final result looks like:

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