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By Anastasiya Dumyak

We are a team of well-skilled UI/UX designers, native mobile engineers, game artists, QA engineers and managers.

Perpetio will be there for you — from shaping idea to release and support.

Designer visualizes the product idea. Engineer develops challenging solution. QA ensures quality. Manager guarantees on time delivery. HR staffs project with best talents.

Get help from our experts at any product development stage or receive completed product.

Services we can support you with

Mobile development

Bring innovation into your business, grow audience and engage new clients with a convenient mobile app.

Creating app from scratch, adding new features to the existing app, testing and bug fixing.

UI/UX design

Get an attractive product concept by turning your idea into a slick design. Visualizing of app UX flow, creating UI, Redesigning, Branding.

Game art

Make your product special with a unique 2d illustrations and game characters.

Interface elements drawing, Illustrations creating.

Web development

Complete your mobile product with a powerful back-end. Or cover your marketing side with a fancy business website.

Development of product landing page, creating the backend for mobile solution, redesign of the website.

Shaping team up to your needs


Having some needs to be covered? Want to try and see how it works? Let our experts provide best value & build trust.


Need flexibility to implement your idea? Want to be involved into development process? Get best results for reasonable time and cost with Time&Material model.

Dedicated team

Having large scope and wish to be in charge of the process? Achieve goals with your own Dedicated team.

Get top result

BURN fitness app

The BURN app makes it so easy to stay on track with an electronic workout calendar, so you’ll never skip leg day! New & exclusive workouts are added every week with all kinds of exercises to keep you on your toes!

SMART game app

SMART — an excellent game for training and development of your brain skills. The game has over 600 levels that help users to enhance memory, attention, intellectual flexibility, concentration and reaction. The app has more than 5 millions downloads!

Makeena reward app

Makeena is a free, easy to use mobile application that earns cash back after purchase healthy & eco-friendly products at any retailer — even online.

Gravitus fitness app

Gravitus is an app for lifters. It allows to track your workouts easily and efficiently with a UI designed to minimize tapping and maximize lifting.

Got interested? Just describe your idea and we will get back to you! contact@perpet.io

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